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April 9, 2020: Just two more cases but another fatality

April 8, 2020: Five new coronavirus cases today, health dep't. warns of hospital bed shortage, poll shows heavy toll of shutdown order

April 7, 2020: Another day with just one new case, county walks back park openings

April 6, 2020: County adds one new case, MST driver infected, FEMA trailers on the way, two parks updates and results of our poll

April 5, 2020: No new data from health dep't., the perils of partying, military tightens face mask rules, and good news about park openings

April 4, 2020: Latest data show increase of 5 cases, total now 62

April 3, 2020 (No. 2): Just 4 new cases in county — along with strict new shelter in place order

April 3, 2020 (No. 1): County adds new 'shelter in place' rules, extends shutdown to May 3

April 2, 2020: Virus cases in county continue to grow slowly, P.B. Co. extends closure

April 1, 2020: County total jumps to 48, school closures confirmed, CHOMP offers e-screening

March 31, 2020 (No. 2): County confirms second coronavirus death

March 31, 2020 (No. 1): Just two new cases added, schools closed until next year, mask donations sought, what to do with a jury summons, where is California headed?

March 30, 2020: Health department reveals four more cases, Feinstein's stimulus checks advice, NYT on data and privacy

March 29, 2020 (No. 2): Just two more cases added to county total today

March 29, 2020 (No. 1): Asilomar quarantine ends, county warns about short-term rentals, York teaches making hospital supplies

March 28, 2020: Coronavirus cases rise to 34, health department offers more details

March 27, 2020 (No. 2): County total rises to 32

March 27, 2020 (No. 1): County health director confirms low number of cases in county, 'shelter in place' to remain in effect beyond April 7

March 26, 2020: Three more cases confirmed, total now 27

March 25, 2020 (No. 2): No new cases today, county health says

March 25, 2020 (No. 1): Patients leave quarantine, putting brakes on evictions, tracking 'to-go' restaurants, donating to SVMH, a sign from above

March 24, 2020 (No. 2): Just 4 more cases — MoCo total now 24

March 24, 2020 (No. 1): National guard deployed, SVMH offers screening, 'essential' businesses listed, senior shopping hours, the size of the threat

March 23, 2020 (No. 2): Updated coronavirus case total reaches 20

March 23, 2020 (No. 1): Case total still 14, all golf courses closed, CHOMP visitor guidelines, senior shopping hours and a bit of humor

March 22, 2020: County total reaches 14, CHOMP reports first case

March 21, 2020 (No. 3): County announces first coronavirus death

March 21, 2020 (No. 2): Coronavirus cases up to 11, more than doubling in one day

March 21, 2020 (No. 1): Health department announces two more cases, P.B. Co. shuts hotels

March 20, 2020: MoCo coronavirus cases up to 5

March 19, 2020 (No. 2): Hospital says two more people in county have virus

March 19, 2020 (No. 1): Salinas car dealer says employee tested positive

March 18, 2020: County keeping mum about two people with virus, violating 'shelter in place' order a crime, court extends deadlines

March 17, 2020: Two cases in county, 'shelter in place' order issued, property tax deadline, plea from state water officials

March 16, 2020 (No. 2): County statement on 'shelter in place'

March 16, 2020 (No. 1): Tax deadlines, food safety, still no MoCo cases