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Council members tackle 349-unit housing mandate

November 18 — FOR DECADES, Carmel was a place where it was taken for granted that strict rules kept new development to a minimum and nobody would even think of putting in a big apartment building, but all that has changed with the state suddenly increasing mandates ... Read More


Desal plant limps to finish line after 27 years

November 18 — ALMOST THREE decades after state officials ordered Cal Am to cut back on pumping water from the Carmel River to protect steelhead, a replacement project may be in the offing, since the California Coastal Commission approved it 8-2 ... Read More


‘They bought next to a high school, so what do they expect?’

November 17 — AFTER MONTHS of postponements, the Carmel Unified Board of Education will vote on stadium lights for Carmel High School Nov. 29 at a special meeting in Carmel Middle School’s gymnasium ... Read More


Pebble Beach home sells for record price

November 17 — DEFYING HIGH interest rates and a major downturn in the Silicon Valley economy, a house on Crespi Lane in Pebble Beach sold last week for $28 million, making it the most expensive home ... Read More

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